Louisiana: Jim and Jake bring the GCBRO down to a family’s huge spread,  in Louisiana’s Sabine River area, to investigate

Bigfoot on the property.




Louisiana: Jim and Jake bring the GCBRO to investigate sightings of a dead Bigfoot on the side of the road and reports of smaller BIgfoot in the woods.  At a Bigfoot conference, controversy erupts over whether to kill a Bigfoot or not


Mississippi: The GCBRO brings in some new members, to deal with all the new Bigfoot sighting reports they’ve been getting.




Texas: Bobby and Brandi bring the GCBRO in to help out a lady who’s home has been attacked by Bigfoot- and she’s taken some shots at the creature.


Mississippi: Don Don brings in the GCBRO to investigate a rural property- where a number of dogs have disappeared.




Texas: Bobby and Brandi bring in  the GCBRO to help out a man in a wheelchair and his wife: who have had Bigfoot attacking pets and their home.






KILLING BIGFOOT director Peter von Puttkamer is

an award-winning Television and Independent documentary filmmaker with special interest in wildlife/travel/adventure/Cryptozoology and environmental issues, as well as Native American

and First Nations and indigenous peoples worldwide.


He has executive produced, written, directed dozens of international award-winning series and specials worldwide over the last 30 years. His production company, Gryphon Productions Ltd. (operated with his wife/producing partner Sheera von Puttkamer)  has created factual programming for Discovery Channel US, Animal Planet, History Channel, BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel Europe/International/HD, TLC, PBS and more.  These programs, created by,  directed/produced by Peter, have won more than 80 international awards.


 Peter’s fascination with indigenous peoples, anthropology, archaeology, mythology, music and wildlife has led to unique and imaginative projects around the world.  Whether working on heart-felt personal stories, socio-political issues or broad adventure-based entertainment documentaries, filmmaking for von Puttkamer has always been a blend of mind, body and spirit. 
Learn more about Peter's life long connection to Bigfoot


Producer Sheera von Puttkamer

CFO/Production Accountant

Barb von Kleist

Production Mgr/Field Producer: Sandy Gibson-Beck

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