Background to BIGFOOT in the US South and the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization


According to locals, Bigfoot is alive and well in the Southern US states- and it's not friendly.   Here, 8 to 10 ft monsters are killing farm animals, pets and terrorizing people in their rural homes.  There is true fear in these communities and  Killing Bigfoot features the dangerous missions of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Organization (the oldest Bigfoot research group in the country) who is determined to stop these "nuisance Bigfoot" from attacking people's homes and property. Included in the GCBRO mission, is the task of "harvesting a specimen"- one rogue male will be taken to prove once and for all to science, that these creatures exist. DNA evidence is unreliable, photographic evidence in the digital age is no longer proof and according to the GCBRO and Smithsonian  Natural History Museum- the only way to prove the existence of new species that cannot be found or taken alive- is through a "voucher specimen" : a dead body on the table to provide definitive proof.   Locating and Bagging a Bigfoot will not be easy for this team of seasoned hunters: professionals from the armed forces, police and fields of geology, computer tech and engineering.  At times the chase will get downright crazy- as the men must travel through thick brush- which tears at their skin, while venomous snakes are underfoot, dangerous wild hogs on the loose and a massive creature ever present: BIGFOOT- which does its best to hide and elude them at every turn.

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